Difference between Transaction ID and transfer id



I am currently following the “Receive money from your users” guide, and more precisely the second option, namely “Dwolla Direct”.

My problem resides in the fact that the transfer id, retrieved from the API (I am using raw requests) in the check transfer status step, does not correspond to the Transaction ID, retrieved from the website (in the Activity tab). For instance, for the same transfer (as it is called on the API doc, or should I call it Transaction as in the website?), the transfer id looks like 1ecfa764-ac39-e611-80e4-0aa34a9b2388 and the Transaction ID looks like 1446706.

My aim is to retrieve the second one, the Transaction ID, from the API.

Is there a way to do so? Or a way to correlate these two IDs?
More generally, is a transfer equivalent to a Transaction?

Thanks for enlightening me,

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@PierreG, A transfer id(1ecfa764-ac39-e611-80e4-0aa34a9b2388) is used in API v2 where as a transaction id(1446706) is used in API v1. There is not a way to get a transaction id from a transfer id and vice versa.

A transfer is somewhat equivalent to a transaction id. We have cut down on the number of ids returned on a single transaction. What do I mean by that? With API v1, when you initiate a transaction we’ll provide two transaction ids (one for the sending party and one for the receiving party). This leads your application to do additional work to correlate transactions and reconcile.

My question would be, if you’re working entirely with API v2 to facilitate and reconcile transactions do you need to know the API v1 transaction id?


Hi spencer,

Thank you very much for your explanations, it makes more sense now! I should have read more carefully both of the API docs though.

I need to know the v1 transaction id, as it is the one appearing on the Activity page of the Dwolla website. (by that I mean a page like https://uat.dwolla.com/activity#/detail/1446706?status=pending for instance in the sandbox, but I guess the behavior will be the same on production)

For a bit of context, the webapp I am working on is storing a displaying the v2 transfer ids to keep track of the payments, on our side and on our clients side. The aim is that the finance team, and our customers, will see the transfer ids from our website, and find the same transfer ids in the Dwolla webpage, in the Activity tab. So we need to have the same ids, either v1 and v1, or v2 and v2. But since the ids on the Dwolla web interface seem to be the v1 ones, I need to stay coherent with it. So I have no choice but to use the v1 id not to confuse the finance team and the customers.

The best case for me would be to have directly the v2 id on this Activity page.
Or maybe I will be forced to retrieve the v1 id, using the API v1 only for this part of the code?

Thanks again for taking care of my problem,

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