Direct payments: memo/description not shown on emails or dashboard when logged in

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I used a PHP example provided in Dwolla’s docs to create a direct-payment page. The PHP example had a memo field named “description.” In my PHP implementation of it, the field is still named the same.

The field’s submitted contents show up on the Dwolla checkout page(s), however, I cannot see the text the user (donor) submitted in this field, neither in the emailed confirmation that arrives to me as recipient, nor in the Dwolla dashboard record when logged in as recipient and viewing details for the transaction.

The memo / description field is important because donors use it to explain how their donation is to be earmarked.

Can anyone help me know how to get this important info to actually follow the transaction through, displaying in the emails and dashboard, presumably both for the recipient and the donor? Thanks!

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I believe I have found the solution, which also answered a related post elsewhere.

On this doc page:

the following are explained:
“notes” = Note to attach to the transaction. Limited to 250 characters.
“description” = Description of the item. Must be 200 characters or less.

I will now try to run a transaction using “notes” instead of “description.”

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Success. Although my related question about the query string is still not solved, this one is.

The contents of the “Notes” field follow the transaction through, while the “description” field does not.

This question can be marked as solved.

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Good question! Reference my response in the thread below.

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