Direct payments: Notes field not returned in query string on redirect

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I have been able to implement a meager start at a replacement hub page for our church, due to Dwolla’s policy change taking away the hub pages that were previously provided.

My new custom-made PHP hub page supports one-time donations via the direct-pay method. It is based on a PHP example provided in Dwolla docs, which had a memo field named “description.”

Upon each successful completion of a transaction, both in testing mode and live mode, all the other fields get returned in the query string so I can display them in a printable confirmation page for the donor. However, the description field is not being returned in the query string on the redirect. This memo / description field is very important, because donors use it to explain how they want their donation earmarked.

Can anyone help me know how to get the description field to be reflected in the returned query string on redirect? Thanks!

PS: here’s the URL to the new PHP replacement hub page:

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More on this topic: I found from the docs page below that I was using the wrong field name:

According to these docs:
“notes” = Note to attach to the transaction. Limited to 250 characters.
“description” = Description of the item. Must be 200 characters or less.

However, even though I switched to using “notes” instead of “description,” the contents of the Notes field still are not reflected back on the redirect via the query string. This is problematic because it’s how the confirmation page is built.

At this point, as a workaround, I can simply inform the donor that their “Notes” contents are viewable in their Dwolla dashboard when they are logged in, and viewing the transaction record details.

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Hi @Christian_Apostolic, If you’re looking to have information returned in the redirect I’d recommend using the orderId param. Whatever is passed in this field will be returned in the orderId querystring param. In addition, I’d also include the same information in the notes field. The purpose of the orderId will be to display information about the checkout on the confirmation page, and the purpose of the notes field will be so the user has access to this information in their confirmation email from Dwolla.

Direct payments: memo/description not shown on emails or dashboard when logged in
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Thanks again!

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