Direct submit postback=failure

(Luis Gonzalez Silen) #1


My calls to for off-site gateway direct submit are all returning


in the redirect call in the past few days. The payments succeed, but the callback is critical to maintaining our members’ balance info in our system.

The last successful callback was on January 29. Since then about 6 tries have failed to callback (4 from members/customers, 2 from me).

I checked my apache access_logs and there have been no attempts to hit the callback point since January 29. This callback point has been used successfully for this flow for about 3 years now and thousands of transactions without change.

Is anyone else experiencing callback failures?

I wrote to support but have not heard back yet.



(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @Luis_Gonzalez-Silen, I just tested this by setting my callback to request bin everything looks to be working as expected. What do you have set as your callback, and are you able to successfully POST data to that URL?

(Luis Gonzalez Silen) #3

I would rather not make the callback url public.

That callback url has not changed in the past few years and it has not been called at all by dwolla or anyone else in the past few days (based on logs). If I call it directly it works fine.

The one thing I did not mention is that I’m accessing the functionality through a button using

I know you don’t support that anymore but it seems pretty stable and simple. I traced the call and the POST looks exactly like what direct submit expects. I may switch to creating my own direct submit form to test, but that doesn’t seem like it will matter.

The payments themselves work fine. Is there a way to trace on your side with the integration key, transaction, signature, or checkoutId?


(Luis Gonzalez Silen) #4

This is what the initial POST to https:// www dwolla com /payment/pay looks like

name:Test payment
description:Test Test Test

(Luis Gonzalez Silen) #5

Notably missing (based on are


although it seems strange that the payment would still work even though those are marked as required.

(Luis Gonzalez Silen) #6

Btw, I just handcrafted dwolla json for those transactions that failed to callback and posted using postman directly and the callback worked fine.

But again, there is no indication that dwolla has even attempted the callback since 1/29, so the issue seems upstream.

I will attempt the direct submit adding more post params this weekend, see if that does anything. It’s strange that the login and payment with pin itself is all working ok, and then the callback fails, so I doubt doing the initial call differently will have an effect.

(Spencer Hunter) #7

@Luis_Gonzalez-Silen, I followed up with you via DM. When you get a chance send me some additional info and I’ll do some digging on my end.

(Luis Gonzalez Silen) #8

Much appreciated!

(Luis Gonzalez Silen) #9


This resolved itself a few days later on its own, I had a first successful payment with a postback on February 26. I did not get any details from support about what happened, and @spencer was not able to find anything in the logs either.

It happened one more time 4 days ago on June 15 for one isolated transaction. There have been 19 successful transactions before that failure in June and 3 successful ones after that failure.

I will implement a reconciliation process to query dwolla every day for successful transactions that are not reflected in our billing system and attempt to match to a bill. This is a pain because the postback has my system’s OrderId so it’s so much easier if it works like it usually does.

@spencer any chance you are able to tell why transaction ID 47385150 on 15/Jun/2018:09:37:42 -0700 experienced a webhook/postback failure?

(Luis Gonzalez Silen) #10

And for more context, of the 4000+ transactions we have since we started using Dwolla in December 2013, the only postback failures have been the 3 in February and this 1 failure four days ago, so overall pretty good.

I ran a script this morning to confirm there were no other missed postbacks. I’m going to set that on a schedule to be alerted immediately when this happens.

(Spencer Hunter) #11

Please send us some additional information on if you encounter this again and we’ll try to take a closer look! Unfortunately our existing webhooks system for our legacy v1 API isn’t very resilient. Therefore, if we encounter a connection issue with your server or you don’t respond to the request within a short timespan then we won’t retry the request.