Disabling/white-listing MassPay emails in sandbox

(Frank Wu) #1

Hi all,

I’m building an application that uses MassPay. I made a few test requests and noticed the following behavior:

  • MassPay item sent to myself – I received an email: ‘TEST(UAT): TestCo sent you $1.00’
  • MassPay item sent to someone else, who happens to have a live Dwolla account and a Dwolla sandbox account – they received an email: ‘TEST(UAT): TestCo sent you $1.00’
  • MassPay item sent to someone else, no Dwolla connection – no email
  • MassPay item sent to my personal email, no Dwolla connection – no email

I was wondering if there was a way to configure these emails in the sandbox environment – the system would ideally only send the email to myself or to a small list of whitelisted emails.



(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @frankjwu, Unfortunately there isn’t a way to disable these transactional emails in the Sandbox. We’ll send emails in the Sandbox if a user has created an account and verified their email address.

(Frank Wu) #3

Hi @spencer, thanks for the response. Does it differentiate between accounts registered on sandbox.dwolla.com and on the normal dwolla.com? In other words, if I have a dwolla.com account, will I receive a transactional email?

(As far as I can tell, it seems like it only sends emails to those on sandbox.dwolla.com, but an official confirmation here would be great!)

Do you think that this is a feature that will be added?

(Spencer Hunter) #4

@frankjwu, We will send Dwolla branded emails in our production environment for the transaction scenarios mentioned above, as well as for any time a Transfer account sends or receives funds.

(Frank Wu) #5

Hi @spencer, what about about in the sandbox environment? Basically, I want to avoid a situation where transactional emails are being sent to users, say when someone else is doing QA testing and isn’t careful about what email addresses are being used for testing.