Discussion Thread: Dwolla's Faster Payments Proposal

(Jordan Lampe) #1

On January 18, Dwolla released the original draft of its solution proposal to the Federal Reserve’s Faster Payments Task Force. This thread hopes to answer questions and receive solution enhancing comments.

First things first:

A couple of quick legal disclaimers (to accommodate our participation agreement):

1. The thread is for asking questions and receiving solution enhancing comments. If you find something you disagree with, explain why and how it could be improved.
2. Dwolla is only able to share the original April 2016 submission. Additional comments and enhancements to the proposal that were derived by the Task Force review process (since April) are considered Task Force work products and cannot be disclosed. All final proposals and assessments will be available in the Task Force report due out later this year.
2. The Federal Reserve did not collaborate or materially aid in creation of this proposal nor does it commit to provide any role, service or product mentioned therein.
3. We cannot share or comment on our assessments to date, so please don’t ask.