Distinguishing the user responsible for transfer failure

Is there any way to understand whether the sender user or the receiver is responsible for transfer failure? Thanks in advance.

Hi @kostyabek , Assuming this is for a failure where there’s an ACH return code associated with the returned transfer, you could call the /failure endpoint (GET /transfers/{id}/failure) to retrieve the customer ID of the Customer that is responsible for the failure. Here’s an example of what that response would look like:

    "_links": {
        "self": {
            "href": "https://api-sandbox.dwolla.com/transfers/440dc646-433c-ec11-8139-dab70b2f4ba0/failure",
            "type": "application/vnd.dwolla.v1.hal+json",
            "resource-type": "failure"
        "failed-funding-source": {
            "href": "https://api-sandbox.dwolla.com/funding-sources/96f6555d-932b-4afb-b5cf-40ced9968e82",
            "type": "application/vnd.dwolla.v1.hal+json",
            "resource-type": "funding-source"
        "customer": {
            "href": "https://api-sandbox.dwolla.com/customers/b281413b-1d88-408b-a2b9-5fe5b6f16e63",
            "type": "application/vnd.dwolla.v1.hal+json",
            "resource-type": "customer"
    "code": "R01",
    "description": "Insufficient Funds",
    "explanation": "Available balance is not sufficient to cover the dollar amount of the debit entry.",
    "created": "2021-11-03T01:13:45.000Z"
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