Documentation standard for scheduled functionality (PHP)

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This question is about the format of the documentation specifically for the “scheduled” functionality in PHP but I think it applies to other functions and maybe other languages. When I visit:

I see a certain order of the variables on the left of the screen, namely: amount, destinationID, destinationType etc. However, the use of the function requires that destinationID comes first (which I found by looking at the function signature in the source file.)

Is there a way to pass it an array where order doesn’t matter? Why does the documentation show one order but the use is different? Is this an error?


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@asterix_le_gaul, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The documentation isn’t listed in a specific order, however dwolla-php requires that you pass them into the method in a certain order.

That being said, destinationId and amount are required to be passed into the function in a certain order but you can certainly pass all other request parameters into a params array.

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