Does Dwolla accept US only phone numbers?

Basically, the question is exhaustive right from the topic. I have not found any information regarding this, so I would really appreciate some clarification.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @kostyabek

What endpoint are you trying to pass in an international number to, so we can test this out in the sandbox?

It is POST and POST{id}


I tried inputting an international number and I got the expected "phone invalid" error message. The docs do state that the max digits are 10 for the phone parameter, but this is an optional parameter, so you do not need to require this.

Big thanks to you for your exhaustive reply!

Also, I would like to know, if canadian phone numbers are supported? They share the same phone number country code as US numbers.

My pleasure! If the phone number is more than 10 digits, it will not be supported.

Well, they both are 10 digits long and use the +1 country code, so they meet the reqiuirements, but it has been said in the docs that Dwolla is aimed primarily towards US consumers and, consequently, I feel confused about the situation with canadian numbers. I really need a concrete answer to this question.

Hi @kostyabek – while you can submit any phone number that is 10 digits long, the individual signing up must be a US resident with a US bank account to transact within the US.

In the case of Business Verified Customers, the businesses need to be US businesses, however the Controller may be international. For international controllers, they need to provide their Passport information for verification as explain here.

Let me know if that helps answer your question!