Duplication of Webhook in Sandbox Account

I have had this incident twice where I had verified the customer from Retry state. However, after around 5 minutes another customer_reverification_needed event got raised which didn’t change anything in Dwolla’s server but however, the event was handled from my application twice which caused few other problems.

The two event ids are :

Also, I found that the event id and webhook id is the same, even for the different attempts of the same webhook, there is no way I can think of to block the duplicate webhook processing within my application. Can you help me out here?

Thanks and Regards,

Hi @bistasulove - Sometimes multiple webhooks may be triggered for the same event. To avoid this, we recommend checking the idempotence in each webhook before doing any business logic. To find more information about handling duplicate webhooks, please check out our Developer Guide on Webhooks.

You might sometimes receive a second customer_reverification_needed webhook for the same Customer when the Customer is manually put into retry again. However, in that case, a new event is created with a unique ID for you to perform regular business logic that may be in place for a Customer in retry.

Please let me know if you come across any further questions!