Dwolla Account Suspended

Hello, I really do not understand what is wrong.

Since we joined Dwolla, We have used the service successfully and paid out customers successfully using the pay as you go service.

Suddenly, we tried to login to our account 2 days ago and got a message saying that our account has been suspended!

We received no email notifying us of a suspension and only noticed when we tried to login.

We also had a pending payment to our client and now we do not know the status of the payment as our client hasn’t received it.

We have sent a mail to support@dwolla.com and got no response!

We called 1 888-289-8744 and we were only allowed to leave a message to get a call back. This is poor customer service. A support helpline should be able to connect you to an agent to speak with to have issues resolved!

Please where is our money as it has already been debited from our funding source.

Hi @Openforgod, Is the email address associated with your account the one you used for this forums? We’ll take a look to see what could be going on! Feel free to send me a DM with the email address used on your Dwolla account.

Yes, the Email associated with our account is the one we used for the forum.

Thanks @Openforgod, the support team will be in touch via the support@dwolla.com email address.