Dwolla ACH transaction/SEC codes


I am working on developing an application like payroll processing that withdraws from a customer bank/master account bank and transfers money to a receive-only employee account.

  1. Does Dwolla automatically code this as an ACH PPD?
  2. If the employer funding source were from a master Dwolla balance/wallet, would this be coded as an ACH WEB transfer instead?
  3. Regarding pricing (to do a real world production test), would the assessed fee be:
  • Receive only user: $1
  • ACH transfer: 0.5% of transfer amount


Hi @Fjxuajf,

  1. and 2) In your use case, these transfers would be PPD.

If the Employee is created as a Business customer account, and they transfer funds into their Dwolla balance, that transfer would be considered CCD.

  1. This is the correct assessment of fees.