Dwolla API Upgrade

(Bhumika Bisht) #1

We are building an app that utilizes the current Dwolla transfer product APIs for bank transfers from our customers to our business.

As we reviewing the updates that Dwolla is planning to bring in - we noticed that on one of the links on your website, you mentioned that all older Dashboards will be phased out in December, 2018 <https://help.dwolla.com/transfer-legacy-product/legacy-transfer-product-transfer-product>. Also at the same time, new API’s will kick in only in Early, 2019 <https://www.dwolla.com/pricing/>.

When are you planning to roll out the details of the new API’s. In case there is a delay between Dec, 2018 and Jan - Feb, 2019(Early, 2019) - how shall we deal with this downtime?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @Bhumika_Bisht, The deprecation of our Transfer product and legacy v1 API are separate from the release of the Start pricing tier in early 2019. There isn’t a new API as part of the rollout of the Start tier, rather the Start tier is part of our v2 API which includes creating white labeled Customer accounts for your users. If interested in the product offerings of the Dwolla platform, I’d recommend taking a look at our docs and reaching out to our sales team for additional information.