Dwolla Balance Transfer

If I initiate a transfer from a customer’s balance funding source to dwolla master account’s funding source, the transfer become successful. Also the master account’s funding source’s balance increased perfectly but customer’s balance remains same. What is the reason for it ? Is it because of sandbox environment ?

Hi @todor

I just replicated this action for you and assuming that the transfer was to and from Dwolla balances, and if you are viewing recent transactions on the dashboard, the transactions tab on the customer profile just needed a refresh.

If your were viewing the balance by making a request, it should be the correct and expected balance in the response.

Let me know if this helps!

Let me discuss the flow. I have master account right ? and there are lots of customers. In my application customer can add plaid with their account. From plaid they can deposit balance to their default funding source. Suppose, From Plaid he transferred $100. Now if a customer wants to transfer $50 to master account the transfer become successful. I checked the master account’s balance. It has increased also. previously it was $5000. now it is $5050. but the customer’s balance is still same that means it is still $100. Any reason for that ? I am using sandbox environment.

Hi @todor , I wonder if it’s a timing issue for when you make the “balance check” call to when the transfer is initiated to where the amount has yet to be updated. Do you have an example funding source ID or Customer ID to where you are seeing this behavior in the Sandbox?


Customer id : “36a5e57a-86bf-4bf7-8f35-602d4bce6c1a”
Funding_source_id : “8fde5382-df7d-4288-8b00-f6897bf68149”

Master_account_funding_source_id : “17104e31-5d1b-4d93-aa1d-5699db5e3f4f”

I want to transfer balance from customer’s funding_source_id to Master_account_funding_source_id.
If the transfer succeed master_account’s balance is increasing but the transfered balance is not decreasing.

I mean to say if I transfer $200 to master account’s funding source it should be $8500(previously it was $8300). and customer’s balance should be $450. Right ? but in this case master account changes successfully. but customer’s balance remains same. why ?

Sorry. I was using plaid_funding_source. My mistake. It’s working fine. Thanks for giving time :slight_smile:

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Heyy, no problem! Sometimes a little Rubber Duck Debugging is the best way to get through these types of errors. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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