Dwolla Co Branded Solution Questions

(Bunjē S M A R T) #1

Using the co-branded solution can we invoke the following API functions?

1.Can we create a customer on our site
2. Add funding source to a customer
3.Retrieve a customer
4.Charge a customer
5.Transfer money to a user
6.Set up recurring payments
7.Webhook notification when recurring payments succeed/fail

(Spencer Hunter) #2


See my responses below.

1.Can we create a customer on our site
Yes/No. To clarify, the user will need to be redirected to Dwolla for a brief period of time (via OAuth) where they can then set up their account before proceeding through the OAuth flow. With co-branded, the account needs to be created on the Dwolla site.
2. Add funding source to a customer
Yes. The user can add a funding source within the OAuth flow after initially creating their account OR you can attach a bank account to a Dwolla account and trigger micro-deposits to verify that funding source.
3. Retrieve a customer
You can retrieve details of an account via the API which will currently return the account id as well as the full name.
4. Charge a customer
Can you clarify what you mean by charge? Are you referring to receiving money from a user? (pay-ins)
5. Transfer money to a user?
Yes. You can payout money to a user.
6. Set up recurring payments
Yes. You’ll want to build your own scheduler and call the transfers endpoint to initiate the transfer on the specified date. You will also want to reference section 4.4 of our developer TOS which outlines requirements for integrating scheduled/recurring into your application.
7. Webhook notification when recurring payments succeed/fail
Yes. bank_transfer_failed events will be triggered if a transaction fails as a result of an ACH reject. View this list of possible events that can be triggered for an Account here.

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