Dwolla Master Account Multi-Tenancy

We have customers looking to add ACH to their current checking solutions. We are not sure how to handle each customer having multiple draw accounts that can send to multiple payees on this platform. These are sometimes large AP departments or Banks/CUs that may have multiple accounts to draw funds from. One of our main goals is data privacy. We don’t want accidental errors to leak other customers’ data.

Our current thoughts are this:

We have our own customer with a unique account number. They can go through a process in our app that will allow them to create multiple verified customers. These will represent each of the draw accounts (funding sources and verified customers). From here, they can also create multiple payees (receive-only customers). Our app can then map the two together. This is a logical separation and may be error-prone.

We are not sure of the best way to track all this in our system.

  • We could use the correlationId attribute on the customer itself.
  • We could use a prefix in the customer name or description somewhere

We have also thought about creating a separate dwolla account for each of our own customers and then securely hand the credentials to them for the API. We aren’t sure how that would affect facilitator fees, which we are planning on making use of though.

Any help would be appreciated from someone who’s solved this already, or thoughts from those who may be of help.


Hi @sf500 – I may be able to provide some pointers for consideration.

If you’re looking to create a Dwolla Account for your platform where you help facilitate transfers from your Customers to their end-users, then I’d recommend creating these Customers as Verified Customers, and their users (payees) as Recieve-only Users. This will help you extract any facilitator fees from transactions into your Dwolla Master Account. If you were thinking of creating separate Dwolla Master Accounts for each of these Customers, this will require them to sign up for our Platform and have a contract with us.

As for correlating the Payers and the Payees, I would recommend the use of correlationIds. Good thing to keep in mind would be that CorrelationIds for Customers do need to be unique.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any further questions!