Dwolla.net C# Transactions.Send

(Emanuel Ashiedu) #1

using the Transactions.Send() method and if “Sending Money to a non-user” would the “string altToken” be set to the Sender access_token? for example …
var sent = Transaction.Send(non-user email, (double) amount,
new Dictionary<string, string> { { “destinationType”, “Email”} }, account access_token, Convert.ToInt16(account pin)); the result below -

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@Emanuel, can you show the code you are using to call the API and any error you are running into? It looks like Transactions.Send() takes in a string destinationId, an amount, and a Dictionary aParams which is additional request parameters.

(Emanuel Ashiedu) #3

can the destinationId be an email and what about the access_token? I had to create json request and post to the api but if i can get this to work - it sure would be a much cleaner way.

(Spencer Hunter) #4

@Emanuel, As outlined here, the destinationId can be an email. You will want to be sure to specify the additional destinationType parameter as “Email” if you want to send to an email address. By default it attempts to send to a Dwolla Id(812-xxx-xxxx) if the destinationType param is not specified.

dwolla.net uses the Config class to easily pull and change settings located in your application’s App.config file. You can specify your access_token in Config for testing purposes, or pass it in on a per request basis via the altToken param.