Dwolla registration oauth process

(Mass Venture) #1

When we go through an oauth process for registration. It gets us to the point of adding a bank account (also noticing there is no option to log into a bank anymore for verifying).

After that there is no button to go back or allow for the redirection to our callback. Did something change?

Login still works as before. See screen shot attached.

(Spencer Hunter) #2

The attached screenshot is what a Dwolla Direct account will see when they login to dwolla.com. Do you have a screenshot that shows the issue you’re seeing within the OAuth flow itself?

(Mass Venture) #3

I am saying this is part of the oauth flow and we don’t get sent back to our application.


  • On our app users click create dwolla account
  • Register for new account
  • Asked for bank routing and account number
  • This screen
  • [ isn’t it suppose to show a “Allow Access” button here to go back to our app to finish the flow ]

The above stays there on that screen with nothing allowing us to go back to our app or “Allow Access”

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