Dwolla sandbox create transfer issue

Getting such error on attempt create transfer at sandbox:

message: 'A server error occurred. Error ID: f4a68c8a-cbff-4384-b6de-89d9819ddaa6.'

Customer is verified, amount not exceed limits (10k per trasnfer).
Could somebody please give me a hint what could be wrong and is there is a way, how I can get more information based on this error ID, thnx!

Hi @Denis_Popov , thanks for sharing the error message and the ID. The best way to triage when you get an error like this is to share it with a Dwolla team member to have us look into it!

As for this case, it seems like you may be passing a null value where we aren’t expecting one. Would you be able to check your request body and find where you’re passing null? Instead of passing null, we recommend eliminating any optional key:value pair from the request body if it does not have a value.

Thank you a lot, yes, indeed I had a null value, issue resolved, thnx!

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