Dwolla sandbox customer showing

(Mass Venture) #1

Oauth is working now and I have to accept and allow for application. After this process and the customer approving shouldn’t they show up in my dashboard?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @MassVenture, The Dashboard will only display Access API Customers and related information. If you’re integrating our co-branded Transfer solution and using OAuth then you’ll need to build a dashboard to view Dwolla account related information.

(Mass Venture) #3

meaning customers that have allowed our usage of their account correct?

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Just watched this and so question I have similar to this thread is:

Does ouath actually create the customer or do i have to do another call on the customers behalf to create them in the dwolla account?

(Spencer Hunter) #5

Hi @MassVenture, It sounds like there is some confusion with on-boarding your customers onto the payment platform so hopefully I can help clarify. The first step would be to choose a solution(Access API vs. Transfer).

Using our Access API, you would customize the payments experience end-to-end, including customer on-boarding, payment notifications, and how your business name is displayed on your customer’s bank statement. Your users can be programmatically created as Customers and managed all through the API.

As an alternative to the Access API, we offer a co-branded user experience which is available by implementing our Transfer solution utilizing OAuth. Your users would be required to interact with Dwolla for the on-boarding and bank verification process, which can all be accomplish within the OAuth flow. Upon completion of the OAuth flow, the user will be redirected back to your application where you will be issued an access/refresh token. The access token is then used to make requests to the Dwolla API on behalf of the Account.

(Mass Venture) #6

This helps tremendously. Follow up would be looking at this:


For Co-branded the scopes available to use I see are “Funding|Send|Transactions” is accountInfoFull no longer supported?

Now that I understand the co-branded how through your docs am I able to tell what is available api wise as opposed to co-branded api?

One item I am trying to retrieve after oauth is the customer details. I have an account id which i now understand to be for “accounts” resource and not “customers”.

(Spencer Hunter) #7

Thanks for pointing this out! We updated that guide to add the AccountInfoFull scope.

Once the user has granted authorization to your app, you’ll then be able to call various endpoints in the API based on the scopes granted. Reference the list of available resources the “Account” can interact with here: https://docsv2.dwolla.com/transfer/

Basic account information, such as name and account id can be found by calling this endpoint with an account access token that contains any scope.