Dwolla V2 Kotlin SDK feature update timeline

hi there,

Making use of Kotlin V2 SDK in a java application. What’s the expected timeline on high-level API method for dwolla.events.*, dwolla.webhooks.*, dwolla.transfers.*, dwolla.massPayments.* areas?

As per current documentation, Transfer may not be fully supported (assuming that’s the case), so is the dwollaClient.transfers.create(..) advised to be used in production? I did tested it out with the SDK in the sandbox and placed a transfer successfully. Did notice an issue if sending achDetails…



Hi @watts, It’s not on our short term roadmap to add support for high level API methods for the resources outlined. I’ll follow up to add this feedback to the appropriate team to help with prioritization of this enhancement. Unfortunately you’ll likely want to use the lower level methods for now until those higher level methods are implemented.

Thanks @spencer.