End of Transfer product and migration

(Luis Gonzalez Silen) #1


I got the email telling me that Transfer will stop working in November.

I tried to contact support to see if there is a migration path to Start and they told me I should join a waitlist and create an account, but no other details.

We are a small non-profit with heavy ACH volume 3 times a year. Our use case is simple:

  1. Redirect to dwolla to perform instant verification and payment (offsite gateway direct submit)
  2. Occasionally, issue a refund through the API

Could you please help me with next steps? Not sure exactly how to proceed to make sure our community can still do ACH once Transfer goes away.


(Jerry Johnson) #2

Same problem here. I requested information on how to proceed since the email is not clear on what path we’re supposed to take. As it stands currently, it appears that Dwolla is cutting loose any customer that doesn’t do at least 2K per month in fees.

Very sad…

(Cory Anderson) #3

Hello, we did have a waitlist for the Start program beta, but this has been closed.
We are cleaning up our onboarding process and making sure that Start Customers are able to seamlessly integrate to the platform.
As it looks now, the Start plan will be officially available in early 2019 where businesses will use development resources to build on Dwolla’s API for a pay-as-you-go payment solution. Because there will be a gap between when the legacy Transfer product is removed and when the Start plan will be available, if the Scale plan isn’t an option for your business, we would encourage you to identify an alternative payment solution.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding through this change.

(Luis Gonzalez Silen) #4

This was not explained. Wouldn’t it have made sense to waitlist your existing loyal customers? We have been customers since 2013 and have paid fees to dwolla for several hundreds of thousands of dollars. It also doesn’t make sense that there’s a gap.

We are a non-profit with a few hundred families that have come to rely on dwolla for keeping costs down. Honestly, it seems very strange and not right that you would drop existing customers like this with a 3 month notice.

I will start looking for a replacement but this is very disappointing.

(Jerry Johnson) #5

Why would Dwolla orchestrate a gap in products that causes a loss of business? Do you not want our business?

(Luis Gonzalez Silen) #6

cc @bpmilne

(Luis Gonzalez Silen) #7

Just got an email today with more information. More details are appreciated, as the original message was super vague.

The email states that people who have been transacting with our non-profit will get an email within the next week. I find the email inappropriate. Members of our organization who transact using Dwolla rely on our custom flow and communications. They will have no idea what Transfer means. They will fret and write for more clarification. When I swap the ACH implementation away from Dwolla, that will be transparent from our users.

Please don’t send an email to our members.

The only reasonable purpose is if they have a balance, but I doubt any do. If you can limit to those who have a balance that would be great. Because of our flow, of the thousands of end users who have transacted with our organization, I expect only a handful will have a balance. For the other thousands, the email is just confusing.

Why would an end user need to as a next step “identify a new payment solution for your needs”? That makes no sense, that’s a provider concern.

Like the rest of this migration, this seems very last minute, with little consideration for existing customers needs. I understand that you are about to turn us into non-customers, but at least treat us like people.

(Jerry Johnson) #8

I just received notice from Dwolla support that any business that doesn’t sign up for their $2,000 per month plan is being invited to leave.

(Spencer Hunter) #9

Hi @Luis_Gonzalez-Silen, I apologize if the communication around the deprecation of our legacy Transfer product has been vague and confusing. Hopefully I can help clear up any outstanding questions you may have and address some concerns around the communication.

To provide a little background, our product has evolved over the past few years to a platform that offers a set of APIs and tools for businesses that are looking to white label the payments experience into their platform/application. This shift towards focusing on our white labeled v2 API, began a few years ago when we ended support for our legacy v1 SDKs and bug fixes in API v1. As referenced in this blog post, in spring of 2017 we re-branded the product you were utilizing as Transfer with the intention of offering a solution for businesses to leverage the Dwolla branded user interface and API as a turn key solution to move money. Although Transfer gained its popularity, we recommitted to our mission and decided to strengthen our white labeled v2 API offerings which is now known as the Dwolla platform.

As referenced in a previous reply, we do have plans to release a Start tier in early 2019 where businesses will use development resources to build on Dwolla’s API for a pay-as-you-go payment solution. This product offering will be within our v2 API where your brand/application will be in the forefront. An integration with the Dwolla Platform comes with different integration requirements and an overall different payments user experience, which means that the transition from our legacy Transfer solution to the Dwolla platform isn’t one-to-one.

With that in mind, we do have several businesses like yours that have made the decision to move to the Dwolla platform within a Scale pricing tier or have expressed interest in being part of the Start tier program beta. If you do have interest in learning more about the Dwolla platform or getting access to the Start tier program beta, please let me know!

I definitely understand and will work with our communications team to see if it is possible to filter out your end-users from the next email communication. That being said, these end-users on your site have an established Dwolla account. Users with an established Dwolla account, which was created on dwolla.com or through a Dwolla hosted webpage (i.e. Offsite gateway and OAuth), will still need to receive an email communications from Dwolla due to changes to their account or if any activity occurs such as transacting with another user or business on the Dwolla network.

Support APIs After Sunsetting a Legacy
(Luis Gonzalez Silen) #10

*If you do not want to receive any further reminder about this update, please respond to this email: “I authorize Dwolla to permanently suspend my account.”

Seriously? Asking our members to block themselves from paying through Dwolla? What’s the point of giving a December date if you are going to torpedo any smooth transition attempt before that date? This is very disappointing. I was hoping to join the beta program, but please don’t sign us up.

(Cory Anderson) #11

Hi @Luis_Gonzalez-Silen, as we are working towards removing the Transfer product and some functionality, we want to make sure that all users of this product are aware of these updates through these communications. We found that those users that are no longer using that service appreciate the ability to remove themselves from additional communications while having their account suspended. We apologize for any misunderstandings that this may have caused you or any of your users. If you have additional questions or would like additional support, please reach out as we are happy to help.

(Luis Gonzalez Silen) #12

The problem is that you also sent the email to users who are using the service. They are not technical enough to understand the difference. They will need to make payments in the next month or so (before sunset), and if they suspend themselves like you suggested, then their payments will fail and we will need to handle manually.

(Kelly) #13

I have a tenant that paid rent accidentally through Dwolla. The funds have been pulled out of their checking account and are sitting in my Dwolla account as pending. Nothing seems to be moving through the system and Dwolla has not returned my request for text message. Phone number doesn’t work. Seriously??? How is this company doing business with no customer service? I need to have the funds released for my tenant. Has anyone else experienced this issue? A quick response would be greatly appreciated!

(Spencer Hunter) #14

Hi @kelly, Apologies for any troubles you’re experiencing with being able to reach us. Our standard support hours are between 8am-5pm Central Time. We can definitely take a closer look to see what may be going on with this particular payment. Are you able to send an email to support@dwolla.com and we’ll take a look right away?

If you’re still seeing the payment as pending when you login to the Dwolla interface with your account then Im assuming that those funds haven’t yet been marked as cleared. Standard ACH can take 3-4 business days from when the transaction is created (and pending) to when it will be marked as processed in the Dwolla network. If those funds are already in transit through the ACH network then we unfortunately may need to wait until they process before they can be sent back to the originating party.

(Kelly) #15

Hi Spencer,

I appreciate the quick response. I will send an e-mail. I’ve been using the Transfer product and have given my tenants another way to pay, but one of them accidentally paid using Dwolla on 11/30/18. Since that product has been discontinued, will the funds transfer like they did before?

(Spencer Hunter) #16

@kelly, Yes, they should continue to transfer as the did before. If you have the “auto-withdraw” setting enabled then they should be withdrawn to your connected bank. However, we can cancel that withdraw transaction from your balance to your bank (if applicable) so the transaction can be reversed back to the user. If those funds were sent on 11/30 then they should be marked as processed tomorrow morning (pending any ACH returns) around this time and can be sent back to the user.

(Kelly) #17

Okay, I’ll wait until tomorrow to see if they post. Thanks for your reply…I appreciate it!

(Spencer Hunter) #18

No problem! Those funds should continue to go through as normal, however if you have the “auto-withdraw” feature enabled and want those to go to a different bank then please don’t hesitate to reach out and we can assist in that disabling that feature.