Error - Destination account is inactive when sending to email address

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Original message
Couldn’t initiate a payment for (273.63,116): $VAR1 = {
‘Message’ => ‘Destination account is inactive. on: ‘,
‘Response’ => undef,
‘Success’ => bless( do{(my $o = 0)}, ‘JSON::PP::Boolean’ ),
’_links’ => undef

  1. what is the reason for this error
  2. is this error because user does not have an account
  3. on our website, we allow users to enter their e-mail , and then we send them monies. at that time user can setup a dwolla account
  4. it seems dwolla wants the user to have a dwolla account already, before our site initiates the transfer?
  5. on our site, user enters email. monies are sent. if user does not have a dwolla account , dwolla should walk user through setup , instead of giving a message
  6. or do you require users to have opened an account , BEFORE merchant sends money?

please tell us the flow we should use

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@Felix, You can send money to a user without a Dwolla account. When funds are sent we trigger an email to the user to “claim the funds”. If they click the link within the email they will be prompted to create a Direct account by entering in a password. Once they’ve established that account all they need to do is enter their account and routing number on the subsequent page in order to receive funds to their bank account.

It looks like this user went to to register for an account and dropped out of registration. As a result, their account is not in a state to receive funds (The reason for the error message). Please recommend to this user that they either a) follow the link in the email to claim the funds or b) navigate to to complete the account set up process.

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