Error Handling - API Documentation

(Nicholas Horvath) #1

Love the API, works great, documentation is also solid. My only feedback would be to include more sample code for error handling. What does everybody else think?

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(Saad Sidqui) #2

I totally agree. The docs on error handling leave so much to be desired.

(Stephen Ausman) #3

Hey @nhorvath @stereosensation, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Out of curiosity, which client libraries are you using and where are you looking for docs? If you’re looking at we don’t go into much detail on error handling there, but if you visit the source code links to the individual libraries we should have a bit more information in the READMEs on GitHub.

We’re in the process of revamping our dev docs and will probably move this information into the dev docs so it’s all in one place/not as hard to find. If you have any ideas for our docs that would make your development process easier we’d love to hear them.


(Saad Sidqui) #4

Hi @stephen,

I’m making use of your auto-generated PHP library on our backend, along with dwolla.js on the frontend.