Error when getting funding sources from user account

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401 error when requesting funding resources from user account using PHP Dwolla SDK

please let me know why am getting this error.

If anyone have sample codes for ACH bank Transfer API in PHP language then please let me know.


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Please provide additional information on the steps you have tried so far. A 401 could mean a few different things:

  • Missing or invalid Authorization header.
  • ExpiredAccessToken
  • Invalid access token.
  • Missing or invalid scopes for requested endpoint.

Please provide additional information on your use case. Are you receiving payments from other users? Are you paying out other users? Are you facilitating bank transfers between two users? Sample code is provided with each endpoint in the developer documentation. Once I know additional information relating to the flow of funds within your application then I can assist with steps leading up to constructing the request to initiate a bank transfer.

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Yes we are paying out other users.
Actually in our system there is wallet system, user can add money in their wallet as well as withdraw.
So for withdrawal we need Dwolla Bank Transfer API.

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I am following these steps mentioned on this link

First of all i am getting user access token and then get authorized user account details.
then when am trying to get funding resources from user account then 401 error occurred.

I have downloaded SDK from below link

May be 401 error occur because of invalid authorization header .

Where we set client ID and Secret in above SDK ?


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