Facilitator fee and mass transfers

As I understand it I can’t add a facilitator fee to a mass transfer - is that correct?

The mass transfer concept is great for my customers - as they can have one debit from their bank account that gets split into multiple credits into the receiving customers accounts.

Is there a timeline for adding facilitator fee to mass transfers?

While I wait are there any work-arounds (switching to normal transfers is not an option)? Could I initiate a second stand-alone “transfer” from the customer to my account in the amount of the fee - would this then incur a second Dwolla processing fee?

Hi @benmorrison

You are correct in that there isn’t currently a way to add a facilitator fee to mass payments. We currently have a business case for this opportunity in our backlog, though no timeline as of yet.

The current work around would be to do it as a regular transfer.

This could be an option. In terms of processing fee charge, I have checked with a member of our sales team to confirm that this is the case and will relay their response to you asap. FWIW you can also contact sales@dwolla.com

Please prioritise adding facilitator fees to mass payments. My customers use my application like a payroll system and so will be making tens (or maybe hundreds) of “payments” at the same time. Doing these as individual Dwolla “transfers” will create tens/hundreds of bank transactions for them to reconcile which will be painful.