Facilitator fee update

(Spencer Hunter) #1

What’s changing?

Beginning June 4, 2015, we are transitioning the facilitator fee to a premium application feature. This coincides with the removal of the 25¢ Dwolla transaction fee and the release of a new pricing structure that includes powerful collections of features and services, tailored to fit the needs of any organization or business. The facilitator fee will continue to behave as it does today, allowing you as the developer to collect your own percentage or flat fee for your application or services. We believe that developers should be able to make a living building great software while leveraging the Dwolla network, which is why we built this easy-to-use, customizable application feature. The facilitator fee will continue to be open and available to test against in our sandbox environment.

How does this affect me?

If you currently have facilitator fees enabled on your application, you’ll be unaffected and maintain access to this application feature. If you’re looking to use the facilitator fee for your production account, you’ll need to contact us through this short form or at 1-888-289-8744 to enable it.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

(Sampath Krishnan) #2

Can you please clarify the monthly fees in order to use the send API with facilitator fees option for a new account (not grandfathered as of June 4, 2015)?

(Ben Milne) #3

@sampath - There is no cost to use this function. It’s also been removed from the paid packages. http://blog.dwolla.com/split-ach-payments/

(Sampath Krishnan) #4

Dwolla Team - This is great news for small startups. Thanks a lot for this change.