Facilitator Fees Not Deducted from P2D Transfers


I have some confusion around facilitator fee behavior for P2D payments vs ACH.

The facilitator fee for our P2D payments never seems to be deducted from the customer’s settled P2D transfer amount that reaches their bank account. For example:

Here a user completed a transaction for $1.13 that had a $0.03 facilitator fee. Both items show up correctly in the Dwolla dashboard’s transaction history for this customer. Like ACH transfers (which the fees are being deducted correctly for), we see two items, one for the full transfer amount ($1.13) and one for the fee (-0.03).

Dwolla dashboard screenshots

The problem: Unlike ACH transfers, the amount that is actually settling in this customer’s bank account is the full transfer amount and the fee seemingly was not deducted. I would expect to see a settled transaction in the bank ledger for $1.10 but instead I see the full $1.13.

Bank ledger screenshot

Why isn’t the facilitator fee being deducted before the final amount settles in the customer’s bank?

Hi @Cody_Eddings – thank you for reporting this issue! We’ve shared this with one of our dev teams who have identified a bug that’s causing the fee to not be deducted from the receiver’s account. A fix for this is being prioritized.

In the meantime, we recommend not including facilitator-fees with P2D transfers. Instead you can create a separate transfer for the fee amount. In this specific case, since the sender is the Main Dwolla account itself, you can transfer the transaction amount minus the fee to the recipient.

We’ll keep you updated on the resolution of the issue!

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Thank you @shreya!

Hi @Cody_Eddings – I wanted to update you that this issue has been fixed as of today (04/20/22)! You can continue to using facilitator fees with P2D transactions now and get the expected results! Thanks for reporting and for being patient with us on this issue!