Failed transaction money not returned


A few weeks ago one of my transfers to a customer failed, but the money has not returned to my bank account. What do I need to do to have the funds returned to me?

Hi @Fox_Piacenti – would you be able to share the transaction ID for that transfer? I can take a look!

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The transaction ID is 8e3d625e-5cc5-ea11-813e-9bb76867bdb2. There is also a more recent transaction that failed, 0a56ecac-4dd1-ea11-813f-d34890f3af58 that I haven’t seen yet, but I figured it may have been too soon. Still, would appreciate you looking while you’re there.

Thank you!

Thanks, Fox! Looks like the destination part of the transfer failed due to an Invalid Account number reject code (R04), but the source part of the transfer was already processed successfully in to your Master Balance. All you’d need to do is to withdraw that amount into your attached bank account.

Hope that helps! This Gist may also help in understanding what happens to transfers and funds when there’s ACH rejects on either the source or the destination bank. Let me know if you have any questions!

As for the second transfer [0a56ecac-4dd1-ea11-813f-d34890f3af58], that looks to have settled in your Master Account’s Balance as well.