Federal ACH holiday Schedule

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I’m new to using dwolla to process ach transfers and wanted to know the process of how dwolla takes care of api calls for transfer being made on federal holidays or weekends. Does dwolla follow this Federal Reserve Board - Holidays Observed - K.8 ?

The initial post seemed kind of vague so I’m adding some reasons for asking this question:

  1. I dont want to post funds on the network on days that will be federal holidays or weekends since it would be an additional business day that i need to display to the user.
  2. If dwolla holds the funds in its network and accounts for these holidays and then processes on the next valid business day then there is no need for me to implement an extra feature that ensures that no funds are posted on the network on these holidays.
  3. Also in-case i do need to implement this feature then i wanted to know what holiday schedule is followed.

Jaydeep Ganatra

Hey, @slitheringblob,

Dwolla posts a calendar of banking holidays at the beginning of each year, found here for 2022 holidays.

Similar to creating a transfer during a weekend, during a banking holiday, you will still be able to create transfers via Dwolla’s API; however, since ACH will not process on this day, Dwolla will wait until the next non-holiday business day before exporting the ACH file to our banking partner for processing.

Finally, as mentioned in the calendar attached above, although there are a few holidays each year that ACH observes, if you are looking to get funds to your customers on those days, we recommend checking out some of our other payment types, such as Push-to-Debit and Real-Time Payments.


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Hey James,

I see that the Dwolla calendar it’s pretty much identical to the federal calendar so that issue is sorted. What I’m planning on doing in just maintain a queue at my end for transfers created on holidays and then push them into the dwolla network on the next possible business day. I have kept a 5 business day margin anyways for the ach transfers to get processed so funds not getting to customers in holidays would still fall under the margin.

Thanks for the calendar and the input!
Jaydeep Ganatra

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