Forbidden error while doing POST - /customers in production


I am getting this error while making a POST call.
{u'message': 'The supplied credentials are not authorized for this resource.', u'code': 'Forbidden'}

If the creds were wrong, I wouldn’t be able to make GET call on /business_classifications. However, I am able to get the business classification list with GET call.

Can you help me with this?

Thanks and Regards,

Hi @bistasulove, would you be able to share the request body for us to take a look? Please omit any access_tokens or credentials when posting, but please do include the resource ID related to the POST request.

Hi @shreya, this is the payload for the above call I made.(All the capital values are just a placeholder to omit the real data)

payload: {u’website’: u’HTTPS://WWW.EXAMPLE.COM’, u’city’: u’Delaware’, u’businessType’: u’llc’, u’firstName’: u’FAKENAME’, u’dateOfBirth’: u’1999-12-31T18:30:00’, u’address1’: u’PLACEHOLDER,’, u’address2’: u’PLACEHOLDER’, u’lastName’: u’PLACEHOLDER’, u’state’: u’DE’, u’phone’: 0123456789, u’controller’: {u’firstName’: u’FAKENAME’, u’title’: u’CEO’, u’lastName’: u’PLACEHOLDER’, u’dateOfBirth’: u’1983-05-12’, u’ssn’: 1234, u’passport’: {u’country’: {u’country’: u’India’, u’abbr’: u’IN’}, u’number’: 1234567}, u’address’: {u’city’: u’Delaware’, u’country’: u’US’, u’address2’: u’SOME ADDRESS’, u’address1’: u’NOWHERE’, u’postalCode’: 19702, u’stateProvinceRegion’: u’DE’}}, u’businessClassification’: u’9ed3a851-7d6f-11e3-92a4-5404a6144203’, u’businessName’: u’TEST BUSINESS’, u’postalCode’: 19702, u’type’: u’business’, u’email’: u’NEPAL@GMAIL.COM’, u’ein’: 123456789}

Please have a look and correct me if my doing is wrong.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi @bistasulove, this looks to be a result of an error on our side when setting up the right scopes for your Production account. We’ve now gone in an enabled the setting for creating Business Verified Customers – please give the request a try and let us know if you come across any issues!

We apologize for the inconvenience. :pray: