Forbidden Error

(Ashwini S) #1

Hi All,

I am using dwolla sand box API V2 from last one month it was working fine but today I am getting Forbidden error.

Can any one let me know what is the issue.

Ashwini S

(Adi Fairbank) #2

Sounds like the same CAPTCHA issue which started today. See my post a couple hours ago.

It returns a status line of 403 Forbidden, so this is likely the same issue you are experiencing. Check the contents of the 403 response and see if it’s an html document with a CAPTCHA in it.

I am eagerly awaiting a response from Dwolla developers.

(Ashwini S) #3

Yes getting captcha error only…

(Rahul Singh) #4

I’m also getting the same

(Amandeep Singh) #5

I am trying to add this code for add funding but getting blank in responce:

$fundingApi = new DwollaSwagger\FundingsourcesApi($apiClient);

$new_fs = $fundingApi->createCustomerFundingSource(
[“routingNumber”: “021000021”,
“accountNumber”: “9900009606”,
“type”: “saving”,
“name”: “amandeep”], ‘’);

please update me.

(Rahul Singh) #6

@Amandeep_singh Response body will be null in case of create action. You should look for response header instead

You can also verify it from sandbox console

(Amandeep Singh) #7

@rahulsingh, I am trying to echo any variable after code but my code excution is not reach till echo. Please help me this is very urgent. only add customer is working

(Rahul Singh) #8

@Amandeep_singh Today we are getting 403: Forbidden Error. May be that’s the cause.

(Amandeep Singh) #9

@rahul, now i am getting error on transfer api. have a look
$transfersApi = new DwollaSwagger\TransfersApi($apiClient);

$new_xfer = $transfersApi->create(array (
’_links’ =>
array (
‘destination’ =>
array (
‘href’ => ‘’,
‘source’ =>
array (
‘href’ => ‘’,
‘amount’ =>
array (
‘currency’ => ‘USD’,
‘value’ => ‘1.00’,
‘metadata’ =>
array (
‘customerId’ => ‘8675309’,
‘notes’ => ‘For work completed on Sept. 1, 2015’,

(Amandeep Singh) #10

@rahulsingh, Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘DwollaSwagger\ApiException’ with message '[400] Error connecting to the API
Stack trace:

(James Eliason) #11

Hi everyone, you can find more information regarding this here thanks!