Formats for the following fields needed for creating business verified customer


I need the format of the following fields while creating the business verified customer.

  • Postal Code format ( for the US-resident, there is written in docs either 5 digit ZIP or 5 digits ZIP + 4 code. What is the format of 4 code? it is numeric or alpha-numeric?)

  • EIN format(it is 9 digits only or do we have alphabets as well?)

  • SSN format (I think it contains the only number. Can you confirm?)

  • Passport Number (what’s the format for this if the controller is a non-US resident?)

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Hi @bistasulove, sure thing!

  • The ZIP + 4 code would be all numeric.
  • The EIN would be 9 digits only (numeric).
  • The SSN would be 9 numbers as well.
  • The passport number would be numeric.

Hi @shreya,

Thanks for getting back so early. The first three points are well understood. However, for the last point where you say that passport number would be numeric, there are countries like India where the passport number is alphanumeric with J and 7 digits after that i.e. JXXXXXXX.

Could you please check on this and get back on this thread?

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Ah, thanks for the example!

In that case, you can pass in the Passport number as a string wrapped in quotes.


"passport" : { 
    "country" : "IN",
    "number" : "J23456789"

Note: The passport object is only required if the Controller doesn’t have an SSN.