Funding Source Ideas API V1 vs. V2

(Adam Esterle) #1

I noticed that the funding source IDs are different between API v1 and v2
Is there a way to get them in sync?

I am storing v2 funding source ID since I need to do a v2 money transfer.

However, I also need to do auto-withrawl which requires the v1 funding ID.

Any way to get the v1 funding id from the v2 funding id?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @AdamEsterle, Unfortunately there isn’t information shared across the APIs to allow you to access v1 funding source ids from API v2 and vice versa. You’ll need to retrieve the Dwolla user account’s list of funding sources from v1 in order to obtain the fundsSource id which is used for the user to specify which bank they want funds to be auto-withdrawn to.

(Adam Esterle) #3

So I was messing around trying for a solution while waiting for a reply (thanks by the way!)

I tried this using the API V2

$fsApi = new \DwollaSwagger\FundingsourcesApi($apiClient);
$fsList = $fsApi->getAccountFundingSources(‘’);

and I got the API V2 Funding source ID:


I used that V2 ID and plugged it into the API V1 method to get a specific funding source

$fundingSources = new \Dwolla\fundingSources();
$fundingSources->settings->oauth_token = ‘OBNO3jexVG4Xy1GdyQWHX101fqCdxYRprXWqW863WvybzcWPeS’;
$result = $fundingSources->info(‘3312a3c7-a833-481b-87a5-a8d6f3d5chfc’);

This returned my API V1 funding source Id:


In short: It looks like I can send a API V2 funding source ID into the API V1 method call to get a specific funding source by ID and it will return the API V1 funding source ID


(Spencer Hunter) #4

Ah, good catch. This is definitely a workaround that was overlooked by me!

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