General Question about Dwolla ID and Account\Customer ID

(Vova Eliseev) #1

Hello, I have a question, it’s not clear to me the difference between Dwolla ID and Account ID\Customer ID, I suppose that it’s the same thing, kind of unique identifier. But the problem is the previous php sdk supported user retrieving by Dwolla ID(that was in format xxx-xxx-xxxx, and this number was specified in user’s dashboard). New php sdk supports user retrieving by Account\Customer ID only, and the question is where and how I can find the ID of my account.
Thank you.

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @vveliseevv, The Dwolla Id is used in our legacy Dashboard and v1 API to identify a Dwolla account (this is in the format of 812-xxx-xxxx). An account Id is used to identify a Dwolla account when using API v2 (UUID format).

You can locate your account Id by calling the root of the API with your access token.

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