Get account funding sources only returning balance


When attempting to get the funding sources for an account I am only getting the ‘Balance’ type it having a verified bank account (this has happened on two different accounts). These accounts are ones that I made with the sandbox console. Other accounts that I have created by creating a new Sandbox account allow me to access both types of funding sources. Any ideas why this is happening?

Using the dwolla swagger python library

(Spencer Hunter) #2

I wasn’t able to reproduce with the test accounts I set up in the Sandbox Console. Can you provide the response you are getting back from this call?


here you go! thanks for taking a look

<dwollaswagger.models.funding_source_list_response swagger_types={'_embedded': 'dict', '_links': 'dict(String, HalLink)'} attribute_map={'_embedded': '_embedded', '_links': '_links'} _links={'self': {'href': ''}} _embedded={'funding-sources': [{'created': '2016-03-31T17:29:31.000Z', 'status': 'verified', 'id': '48d06808-31e4-41b7-b8a1-0d74cb44de7f', '_links': {'account': {'href': ''}, 'self': {'href': ''}, 'with-available-balance': {'href': ''}}, 'name': 'Balance', 'type': 'balance'}]}>