Getting 401 InvalidAccessToken for BVC component call to /business-classifications

I’m using Dwolla’s drop in UI components for creating a business verified customer and everything was working on my localhost but then breaking on a staging environment.

As expected, the component is making the api call to /tokenUrl with permissions for It gets a 200, then calls /business-classifications and once again gets a 200.

However, I’ve now deployed code to a staging environment. I get a 200 response when I call /tokenUrl for the same permissions. This time, however, when I call /business-classifications, I get a 401 InvalidAccessToken. What am I doing wrong?

I did find this post from a few years ago that looks similar (Invalid Access Token), however, it doesn’t look like the issue ever got resolved on that thread. Please let me know what I can do to fix this. Thank in advance for the help - really appreciate it!

I realized this was a silly mistake. In local development, I had set the dwolla environment to be ‘sandbox’ but when I pushed code to a staging environment, it was then set to ‘production’. After fixing this, everything worked as expected.

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Hi @Teddy_Coleman – thanks for the follow up! Glad you got it figured out! :slight_smile: