Getting error while doing transaction using test card in sand box

Hello ,

I am getting error while doing transaction using test card .Please help me out with this.
Error : status: 500, headers: {}, body: {code: ServerError, message: A server error occurred. Error ID: f9f95df2-e5f6-4ad8-a3a6-c12c85a4323e.}

Test Card Details :
Exp Date:- 02/23
CVV:- 123

Thank You

Hi Shivam,

Are you consistently running into 500 level errors like this when creating the transfer? Or was this a one-off issue?

Would you be able to share the request body of the transfer request and/or the request-id from the response headers?

Hi Shivam,

We were able to locate the transfer request and find out the issue. It looks like you’re creating a transfer from the Customer’s Balance to their own Card, which isn’t a supported use case as of right now. You can only create a payout from the Master Account’s Dwolla balance to Customer’s Cards.

We have created a ticket on our end to handle this error and surface a more meaningful error message.

Hi Shreya,

Thank you for you feedback .

One more query I use facilitator fee to deduct the fees and transfer that fees to my master account .I put my master account link in To-charge but its not working . How can i get Master customer link so that fees go automatically to master account or we have to create a Master customer . Or there is some another way you can guide me for the same .

#Can there is a way if I have to deduct the fees only without doing the transaction.

Currently I am simply doing transaction of fees from one balance to master account .

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Hi Shivam,

All fees settle automatically to the Master Account’s Balance. The charge-to object in the fees object actually expects a Customer URL of the Customer you wish to charge the fee. The Customer that is being charged the fee must either the sender or the receiver of the transfer.

There isn’t a way to us facilitator fee without there being a transfer. If you’d like to charge fees to a Customer, you can simply create a transfer for that amount from the Customer’s Bank to your Master Account.