Got transfer_failed status after transfer_completed status

We received a “customer_bank_transfer_failed” status from dwolla after receiving a “customer_bank_transfer_completed” status. This resulted in overdrawing a user’s dwolla savings balance to negative. Confirm if this is unusual or expected behavior. How can we mitigate the risk of this issue in the future

Hi @shailesh_garwal – this is expected when we there is a late ACH return post-settlement of the transfer. This would cause the Destination Customer’s balance to decrease by the transfer amount since they’ve received the funds into their bank already.

The next steps would be to either claw back the funds from the Recipient’s bank into their Balance, or from your Master Account to the Recipient’s Balance. Here’s a helpful gist for that explains a bit more about this transfer scenario - Outlines the sequence of events that are triggered for a subset of Dwolla payment flows that are bank-to-bank via ACH · GitHub