Guest Checkout Still a Thing?

(Cork Crm, Llc) #1

Hello, I am the semi-technical founder of a multi-tenant SaaS app and we are looking at the Dwolla Transfer API for use in facilitating payments to merchants that use our application, from their customers. This way, Margaret Merchant will be able to accept payments from Joe Buyer.

In reading through the Transfer documentation, it was not crystal clear to me whether or not Joe Buyer would need to create a Dwolla account before checking out.

Would someone mind clarifying a bit as to whether or not Joe Buyer will need to have or Dwolla account or go through some sort of verification before being able to check out?


P.S. I did see some mention of a ‘guest checkout’ feature in a 2012 TechCrunch article but see no mention of that in the Transfer docs.

(Ben Milne) #2

The exact functionality there isn’t supported anymore but there is something that’s a lot better.

The offsite gateway is what is now used. Joe buyer wouldn’t need to create a full account but rather could authorize their bank for the payment in a simplified workflow.

This is what most everyone uses for their ecommerce integrations.

(Cork Crm, Llc) #3

Interesting! Thanks for your help here.

I do see a note that the Offsite Gateway is only supported in API v1 and is only available for existing Off-Site Gateway integrations. So I would assume we should be implementing API v1, and that we would not run into any issues as a result of Dwolla not supporting v1 anymore?

So, Joe Buyer will definitely need to create a Dwolla account, which is fine, but, if you wouldn’t mind elaborating, what will Joe Buyer need to do to authorize his bank?

I know that there is the micro-transaction option – we would like to avoid this route – and I know that there is also the option of entering bank credentials – but is the ‘instant verification via bank credentials’ feature available through the Transfer API or just through the Access API?

Thanks again for your help as we work through the logistics of this.