How can I cancel a recurring payment on behalf of the user?

(George) #1


I am integrating your API on to our platform to allow our users to set up recurring payments. It works well but we ran into an issue.

So the process is:

  1. User sets up recurring payment by entering his/her PIN
  2. If the User wants to cancel the recurring payment, he/she has to enter the PIN again

As the admin for our platform, is there a way I can cancel the recurring payment on behalf of the user? The reason we would want to do this is if the user becomes inactive on our app but does not cancel the recurring payment first. We would need to remove the recurring to stop future payments.

I was not able to find anything in the docs that showed how I can do this (since we do not store users’ PIN #s) but maybe I missed it. Please advise.


(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hey @Properly, Great question. Unfortunately, existing functionality requires that the user enters their Dwolla PIN when creating, editing, or deleting a scheduled/recurring payment. I understand the concern and will take this back to the product team for consideration on possible changes to canceling a recurring payment in API v1. We are working on adding recurring payments in API v2 later this year, which will more than likely not have the Dwolla PIN as a required request parameter. Outside of notifying the user via email to login to the app and cancel the recurring payment, there isn’t a great solution at the present time.

(George) #3

Hey Spencer,

Thanks for the quick response. Yes, this is a big issue for us because if the user doesn’t respond, we have no means of stopping his/her payments. Not requiring the Dwolla PIN would solve this problem.

Since it’s late Nov now, does this mean we should expect V2 to be released in the upcoming few weeks? If so, we can certainly wait.

Thanks again and have a good weekend.


(George) #4

Hi Spencer,

I wanted to check if you had an update on whether recurring payments can be cancelled on behalf of the user for V2.