How do I find a mobile app developer with experience integrating with Dwolla?

(Peter Makover) #1

I plan to launch a mobile marketplace app in Q3 ’16 and expect to integrate with Dwolla’s White Label solution. I am looking for an implementation partner that has experience with Dwolla - any suggestions how to find one?

(Ben Milne) #2

I’ve always thought Far Reach Technologies was pretty great. Kate, Chris, and the team there are top notch.

Some other teams that I believe have experience with the Dwolla API (maybe not v2 tho):

If there are other developers who can help @petermakover reading the thread I’d encourage you to post even if it feels self promotional.

(Mike) #3

Hey @petermakover I’d be happy to try and help with our network of mobile developers from The Disruption Institute .

Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin

(Peter Makover) #4

Thanks so much Ben! I’ve already started reaching out to the developers you’ve listed!

(Peter Makover) #5

Hi Ben, I’m circling back on this same thread (and tried linking with you on LinkedIn today). I appreciated your feedback in June which connected me with Chris from Far Reach and Jake from Myriad. Do you by any chance have additional references you could give, in particular anyone else in the NY Metro area? I made multiple attempts to contact Startup Giraffe but they were unresponsive so I’ve given up. I am excited to say I just received seed funding to build/launch my app so I now want to accelerate my RFP process and would like a couple more developers to bid but would prefer they are in driving distance to me. Any recommendations you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Pete Makover (203.400.8859)

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