How do I request money/payment from someone?

(Alisha Guerra) #1

I just signed up and my Dwolla tabs across the top do not include the Send or Request money tabs. What am I doing wrong or what have I not set up correctly? I emailed support last night but as of yet no response.

(Dwolla) #2

Hi @Alisha_Guerra

If you signed up for a personal Dwolla account, you won’t be able to send or request funds via

If you are interested in a peer-to-peer transfer service for sending and requesting funds, we recommend looking into Current.

(James Wagner) #3

HUH?!?!?!? Why? I used to be able to send and request money. Why not now? why have an account at all if you can’t send or request money. That makes NO sense at all.

(Dwolla) #4

Hi @James_Wagner,

In November we sent out a series of communications to Dwolla account holders regarding functionality changes of our interface. One of the main changes affects the ability for Personal Dwolla accounts to send, request or add funds to their balance via the application.

Additional information regarding these changes is available in the following articles:

(Ben Milne) #5

@James_Wagner - if you jump over to this service it will help you do what you want to do.