How do I retrieve the account_id for my account, not a customer?

(Parks Weekly Enterprises) #1

I know I can list customers to get the account ID of a customer, and thereafter, manage various elements of the customer’s account; however, where do I find my own account ID, in order to see my balance, initiate transfers, etc?

I’m using APIv2. Unless I missed it, you may want to put that in the documentation. :slight_smile:

Scratch. I see it came back in the request for an access token (unlike in v1). I wish there were a way to delete my thread when it’s proved unnecessary. Although, you may still want to have this information included explicitly in the documentation because unless I missed it, it doesn’t indicate that the token call returns an account_id field.

Also, am I right in assuming that this ID will not change, regardless of if I reauthorize the application, etc.? It is static, correct, so I can store it in my database and not have to reference it via the token call again?

(Spencer Hunter) #2


Thanks for pointing this out! We’ll get our documentation updated to mention this. The account_id for the associated user is returned in the token response. You can also call the root,, with the users token which will give you back the account_id.

Correct. This is a unique identifier that will not change. It is recommended that you securely storing the link to the associated user account along with the access/refresh token pair.

(Nico Westerdale) #3

FYI I pulled my account ID using PHP by doing this:

$root = new DwollaSwagger\RootApi($apiClient);
$rootinfo = $root->root();

I assume that’s correct