How to Connect Dwolla with Wordpress?

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Hi all ,
i am new in Dwolla , my first question is simple but other is complex so i warmly need your help s
Q1) how can i connect dwolla in wordpress and then in app ?
Q2) how i want dwolla work . i want child come and signup for account like bank so each child get unique id and username for login in my wordpress website for check his account activity this is part 1 the part two is in that account each parent send money using his credit cards when money sent that money automatically divided into 3 equal part means each child account have 3 categories 1) play account 2) save account 3) Donation account . the child use only 2 categories the 3rd category is reserves for other child who are needy and they dont have any guardian who afford. the next thing is that when child play any games automatically amount deduct from child account and when he login in and check for her balance of play account that show the remaining balance and also the deducted fees with date and time . so please help me if you have any question about them feel free to discuss i hope you guys give me a great help thanks

(Jon Renaut (Cold Ants Properties)) #2

If you are in the US or plan to have US-based users, please read up on The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA) which heavily restricts collection of any type of information on children under 13 in the USA. It is extremely difficult to comply with this law - most websites simply don’t allow users under 13.

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its not a user these child are not working these child basically get money from parents in that manner for using it on playing and purchasing books from our site .they also play a physical game using there id .these children are upto 16+ and is us based but we make this only for parents who directly send pocket money or payment in using this from any place and childrens get this and view in a dashboard who send the pocket money and how much .

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If the child has an account, you’re collecting some sort of information on them, so COPPA applies. I’m not an expert on the law, but I highly recommend that you become an expert on the law before you let anyone under 13 sign up.

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we only collect child bio like name and email and phone number if needed not to much because we have already get data when he /she make fill form on admision time so we not needed any information but for your confirmation we do thing as per law we have a school so why not we get data of child?

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Ok, good luck with your website

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