How to deal with name suffixes

When creating a personal customer, we must provide firstName and lastName. When creating a business customer, we must provide firstName and lastName for the business owner, or for the account admin, controller and beneficial owners.

In all cases, how do we deal with name suffixes, such as Jr, II, III?

Hey @gfb107 this is a great question, as Dwolla does not have a specific parameter to pass in a name sufffix.
It looks like you are creating identity-verified Customers, so I’ll add some background first.

Dwolla uses a third-party identity verification provider to vet the identities of individuals and organizations signing up to the platform.
For this reason, we recommend that regardless of what suffix your Customer has, it is more ideal to just use their name minus the suffix for a happier path to verification, as adding any suffix to something like the lastName parameter might throw off the verification score.

Let me know if you have any followup questions regarding verification.

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