How to delete customer using Python SDK

(Pcpeterchen) #1

Is this possible? I am using sandbox and Python SDK but unable to find methods to delete customers, which would be helpful for testing.

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @pcpeterchen, It is not possible to delete a Customer via Dwolla’s API. However, I have passed along your feedback to the Product team for allowing the deletion of Customers in our Sandbox environment.

(Afzal Farooqui) #3

Any update in this regard? It will be really helpful to have this delete customer feature in sandbox.

(Spencer Hunter) #4

@Afzal_Farooqui, We do have this on our product roadmap, but don’t have a definitive timeline as to when this functionality may be available. I’ll be sure to post back to this thread if there are any updates on deletion of a Customer in the Sandbox environment.

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