How to execute guides/transfer-money-between-users in UAT?


I’m trying to effect a transfer between test customer accounts per, using the host.

Here’s a try at that, which fails at my final DwollaSwagger::TransfersApi.create({:body => transfer_request}) line: So, when I go into the whitelabel sandbox, I see all the accounts, but I can’t do transactions on them.

I might try to work the flow again, paying closer attention to verification for customers and accounts, but here are two issues for any attempt, no matter what:

  1. How are test customer accounts initiated in UAT with a positive balance, so that a transfer between customer accounts can happen?
  2. Does Dwolla have ready ‘test dummy’ bank account data that a test customer will need to IAV (verify) their bogus account?

EDIT: Re 2, I found the reference at