How to include a faciliator fee in the Mass Payment

How should we submit a facilitator fee with a Mass Payment? I couldn’t find this referenced in the API documentation, and submitting it like so doesn’t seem to work (or I’m looking in the wrong place in the dashboard to see the fee?)

fees = [{
            "_links": {
                "charge-to": {
                    "href": "" + str(dwolla_customer_id)
            "amount": {
                "value": str(sam_transaction_fee),
                "currency": "USD"

request_body = {
            '_links': {
                'source': {'href': source_bank},
            'items' : mass_payment_array,
            'correlationId' : correlationId,
            'fees' : fees

transfer ='mass-payments', request_body)

Hi @jmtichell, We unfortunately don’t yet support using the facilitator fee feature on Mass Payment requests. This is something that is logged as feedback for our Product team and will likely be supported in 2021.