How to Initiate Push to Debit Transfer after Card is Added?

I’ve been following the push to debit docs to integrate the dwolla-card.js iFrame into my app for a user to add their card. Looking ahead; I don’t see any mention of how to actually trigger a p2d transfer from our master account to the user’s card once successfully added.

Where are the docs for this?

Hi @Cody_Eddings,

Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll create a ticket for this in order to make the push-to-debit transfer more clear.

It is the same as any other transfer where the source would be a funding source URL that represents the balance and the destination would be a Funding Source URL that represent’s an end-user’s debit card

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@kmoreira Thanks.

Reading through the docs; How do we specify push to debit transfer speed?

Should the JSON clearing object be used? The only possible value according to the docs is next-available.

Hi @Cody_Eddings,

Great question. You don’t need the JSON clearing object in a Card transfer.Once a transaction is created from the Balance to a Card, it settles in near real time.

Check out this section of our docs to find out more about the timing of Push to Debit transactions.

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Got it, thanks!